DOOM: ANNIHILATION Receives its First Trailer

DOOM: ANNIHILATION Recieves its First Trailer

DOOM: ANNIHILATION Receives its First Trailer

Need another DOOM reboot in your life? Yes? Well… this is probably not what you are looking for. Yes, id Software’s iconic DOOM series is getting made into another movie. 

Universal Studios has released their first trailer for DOOM: Annihilation, a direct-to-video movie which is based in the DOOM universe. The trailer is titled “We Call it Hell”, and showcases a team of soldiers as they are sent to a Martian moon base after a portal is opened to hell. Demonic creatures have overrun the base and “threaten to create hell on earth”. 

The movie will release on Fall 2019 and comes from director Tony Giglio, who has previously directed S.W.A.T.: Under Siege, Extraction and Soccer Dog: The Movie. Plot-wise, the movie is what you should expect, a portal has been opened to hell and that’s bad. It’s not much, but it has been more than enough to keep gamers interested during the series’ long history, that said, there is probably a reason why this movie is getting a “direct-to-video” release.  


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