Tesla halts Cybertruck production and deliveries over design flaw

Accelerator pedal reports cause Tesla to halt Cybertruck deliveries

Tesla has halted all deliveries of their Cybertruck following reports of an issue with the vehicles accelerator pedal. This news is another setback for the EV giant, who has recently laid off 10 percent of the company’s employees due to declining EV sales.

While Tesla have not officially commented on the cause of their delayed deliveries, several Cybertruck owners have reported a major design flaw in the electric pickup truck. This issue affects the vehicles accelerator pedal. This pedal can gat stuck in a fully depressed position, which is a huge safety issue.

Below is a video which showcases the pedal issue with Tesla’s Cybertruck. Essentially, a cover for the vehicle’s accelerator pedal can come loose and slide up the pedal. This can then cause the pedal to get wedged in a depressed position. This forces the vehicle to accelerate, even when drivers remove their foot from the accelerator pedal.

Thankfully, using the Cybertruck’s brakes will disengage the Cybertruck’s accelerator. However, disengaging the Cybertruck’s brakes will cause the vehicle to suddenly accelerate again. Obviously, this issue makes the Tesla Cybertruck an unsafe vehicle to drive.


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Tesla has not officially commented on this issue at this time. Let’s hope that they can address this issue soon, as this accelerator issue has the potential to cause a major accident.

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