You can now 3D Print Bethesda’s Frontier starship from Starfield

Makers can now 3D print their own Starfield Frontier Starship

3D printing enthusiasts can now create their own Frontier ship at home, thanks to the efforts of Bethesda and Adam Savage’s Tested. Tested have turned Bethesda’s official Starfield game models into a 12-inch 3D printable part. This allows owners of resin 3D printers to 3D print one of the most iconic ships from Starfield. The 3D printable model files of this starship are now available for free online for Starfield fans to download.

One downside of these 3D printable models is the fact that they are designed for resin 3D printers. This means that owners of FDM 3D printers like the Prusa MK4, Sovol SV07 or the Bambu Labs A1 Mini may find it challenging to 3D print this model’s parts.

In the video below, Tested showcase the process behind turning Bethesda’s Frontier game model into a 3D printable part. They also show users how to assemble their own Frontier ship.

3D printing enthusiasts can download Tested’s Frontier models from Bethesda here. Included with these files are 3D printing and assembly guidelines for users to follow.

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You can join the discussion on Starfield’s Frontier starship becoming a freely available 3D printable model on the OC3D Forums.

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