Mightier than expected! Cooler Master reveals their 2800W X Mighty PSU at CES 2024

This PSU takes power delivery to the extreme with its 2800W capacity and four 12VHPWR connectors!

When we first heard about Cooler master’s X Mighty power supplies, we were told about a 2000W model. Little did we know that Cooler Master had a 2800W behemoth of a X Mighty power supply waiting for us at their booth (see our full booth tour here).

Yes, you heard that right, a 2800W power supply. Cooler Master has created a single PSU that can power four RTX 4090 GPUs and either a dual Xeon or Dual EPYC CPU setup under full load.

This new power supply from Cooler Master is the first that we have ever seen with four 12VHPWR connectors. This power supply is both ATX 3.1 and PCIe 5.1 certified, and will ship with Cooler Master’s durable 12V-2×6 power cables.

Cooler Master has created their X Mighty power supply for high-end AI systems and servers. These are markets where users will invest in the infrastructure required to deliver this much power to a single PC.

(Image from Paul’s Hardware)

The X Mighty series features Detailed monitoring with MasterCTRL

Thanks to Cooler Master’s MasterCTRL software, X Mighty and X Silent PSU users can monitor the thermals, fans speeds, and efficiency levels of their power supply whenever they want. Users will also be able to control some of their PSU’s parameters. Sadly, we do not know what exactly is controllable within software.

Using MasterCTRL, Cooler Master PSU users should be able to see how much power their system is drawing at any given time and monitor how hot their PSU is getting under load.

Key Features:

Advanced Heat Management: Featuring heat pipe technology and a modular thermal structure for optimal cooling and longevity.
Digital Monitoring: Real-time tracking of temperature, load, and fan speed.
High-Quality Components: Equipped with Infineon IC chips for reliable, high-end performance.
MasterCTRL Software Integration: Detailed control and monitoring of PSU parameters from your desktop.
Peak Efficiency: Both models include an active bridge rectifier for superior efficiency and performance.

At this time we do not know when Cooler Master plans to launch their 2800W X Mighty power supply, or how much it will cost. We can assume that this PSU will be incredibly expensive, like all ultra-high-end power supplies.

You can join the discussion on Cooler Master’s 2800W X Mighty power supply on the OC3D Forums.

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