A hotfix is coming to address Monster Hunter Rise’s Steam Deck issues

Capcom announces hotfix for Monster Hunter Rise’s Steam Deck update woes

Update – Capcom has now addressed Monster Hunter Rise’s Linux compatibility issues with a new hotfix update.

As we have previously reported, Monster Hunter Rise’s has broken the game’s Steam Deck support. This update has removed Denuvo’s anti-tamper technology from Rise, but adds a new form of DRM called Enigma. Since update, the game can no longer boot successfully on Steam Deck. Now Capcom has confirmed that a hotfix for this issue is in the works.

Capcom has stated that their planned update will be released “in the very near future“, though the company did not give gamers a specific timeframe. Capcom has also decided to not comment on what has caused this regression, be it the inclusion of Enigma DRM or something else.

Before update, Valve’s Steam Deck was the best place to play MH: Rise; at least portably. On a Steam Deck, the game can be played at 60 FPS and with higher graphical settings than the game’s Switch version. This gives PC gamers on Steam Deck a higher framerate experience and better visuals than Switch players.

Since Rise is already Steam Deck verified, it shouldn’t be difficult for Capcom to fix their game. Capcom either needs to revert some of their changes, or make new alterations to fix Rise on Steam Deck. Either way, Capcom thinks that they will be able to release a hotfix for Steam Deck issues soon.

You can join the discussion on Capcom’s plans to fix Monster Hunter Rise’s Steam Deck issues on the OC3D Forums.

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