All Arctic LGA1700 coolers will support Intel’s next-gen Arrow Lake CPUs

Arctic confirms that their current-generation LGA1700 coolers will support Intel’s next-generation Arrow Lake CPUs

Arctic has issued a guarantee that their LGA1700 compatible CPU coolers will all support Intel’s upcoming LGA1851 CPU socket. This new socket is set to support Intel’s next-generation Arrow Lake processors, which are due to launch sometime in 2024.

Intel’s LGA1851 socket design leaks have revealed a striking similarity between Intel’s next-generation socket and LGA1700. Arctic has stated that the mechanical dimensions of both sockets are the same, at least to their “current knowledge”. Should this not be the case, Arctic has committed to sending free mounting kit upgrades to anyone who purchases Arctic LGA1700 coolers from October 2023 onwards.

Big Changes are coming with Arrow Lake

Intel’s recently released 14th Generation Core processors are likely to be the last desktop CPUs that will launch with Intel Core branding. Intel are moving on from Core, and have plans to release new CPUs with Intel Ultra branding. To make this branding change a success, Intel needs to deliver a huge generational and technological leap with Arrow Lake.

With Arrow Lake, Intel will move to a tile-based processor design. Intel’s next-generation desktop CPUs will be chiplet based. With their next-gen CPUs, Intel will also be moving to new P-Core and E-core architectures, both of which should deliver increased performance levels across a variety of workloads.

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