Next-Gen Memory Revealed – DDR6 and LPDDR6 are coming

JEDEC slides detail the group’s DDR6 and LPDDR6 memory plans

The PC industry may only be at the start of the DDR5 memory era, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t prepare for what’s next. JEDEC are working on new DDR6 and LPDDR6 memory standards, and speed projections for these new memory standards are now available.

Thanks to leaked shodes from JEDEC and Synopsys, we know that work is underway to create next-generation DDR and LPDDR memory standards. Demand for memory bandwidth is growing. It is only a matter of time before today’s DDR5 and LPDDR5/LPDDR5X memory modules become inadequate for the needs of future PCs.

LPDDR6 memory modules are projected to have an early data rate of 10.667 Gbps, with a higher defined data rate of 14.4 Gbps. This is much faster than the 6.4 Gbps LPDDR5 modules that are available today, and the faster LPDDR5X modules that are becoming more commonly used in new products.

(Leaked slide from Darkmont)

Moving onto DDR6, speeds of 8.8 Gbps to 17.6 Gbps are projected. That said the speed of the standard could be extended to speeds as high as 21 Gbps. For context, DDR6’s 17.6 Gbps speeds will already be twice as faster as JEDEC’s DDR5-8800 standard. That already represents a huge boost in performance over today’s memory. DDR6’s potential DDR6-21000 speeds being even more ground-breaking.

(Leaked slide from Darkmont)

JEDEC’s DDR5 memory standard is due to be ratified in Q2 2025. That means that it will be years before we see DDR6 memory modules or compatible hardware. Regardless, the creation of DDR6 will be the beginning of the end of DDR5. The DDR5 memory era has only just started, but the industry is already racing towards its conclusion.

You can join the discussion on JEDEC’s LPDDR6 and DDR6 memory plans on the OC3D Forums.

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