AMD promises new AGESA update to address 500-series motherboard USB issues

AMD confirms issues with USB connectivity on 500-series AM4 motherboards

AMD promises new AGESA update to address 500-series motherboard USB issues

Last month, AMD confirmed that a “small number of users” are experiencing “intermittent USB connectivity issues” on their 500-series chipset motherboards, prompting them to ask their community for assistance so that they can address the issue using new firmware revisions. 

Since then, AMD has managed to isolate the issue and develop a solution that should prevent these issues from occurring in the future, preventing USB dropout, audio crackling using AMP/DAC setups, VR headset connectivity problems, and other USB-related issues. These fixes will be present within AMD’s planned AGESA updates, which will be available to AMD’s motherboard partners next week of integration into new BIOS updates. 

AMD’s latest AGESA updates have enabled official Smart Access Memory support on 500 series AM4 motherboards for Ryzen 3000 series processors. This feature, alongside improved USB compatibility, will make AGESA a great BIOS update for longtime users of AMD’s 500-series motherboards. 

AMD has managed to address this issue thanks to reports from their community. With this in mind, AMD has recommended that its users report any issues to them using their official Bug Reporting Tool and to their Customer Support teams. 

Below is AMD’s full announcement regarding their 500-series USB issues. 

   We would like to thank the community here on r/AMD for its assistance with logs and reports as we investigated the intermittent USB connectivity you highlighted. With your help, we believe we have isolated the root cause and developed a solution that addresses a range of reported symptoms, including (but not limited to): USB port dropout, USB 2.0 audio crackling (e.g. DAC/AMP combos), and USB/PCIe Gen 4 exclusion.

AMD has prepared AGESA to deploy this update, and we plan to distribute to our motherboard partners for integration in about a week. Customers can expect downloadable BIOSes containing AGESA to begin with beta updates in early April. The exact update schedule for your system will depend on the test and implementation schedule for your vendor and specific motherboard model. If you continue to experience intermittent USB connectivity issues after updating your system to AGESA, we encourage you to download the standalone AMD Bug Report Tool and open a ticket with AMD Customer Support.