Aspyr Lied? Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection uses modded content without credit

Modder calls the Battlefront Classic Collection a “terrible gut punch” after their work is used without credit

Ahead of launch, Aspyr, the developer behind the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection, claimed that it “does not include any code or content that is taken from uncredited sources”. Now, it looks like Aspyr may have been lying, as a modder called iamashaymin has found evidence that their mod is used as part of the collection.

Previously, this modder’s work was found in the trailer for the Classic Collection. Aspyr stated that this was done “mistakenly” and that the mod was not in the final game. Iamashaymin has claimed that this is not the case, as bugs present in the mod were found in the game at launch, though a patch was quickly and quietly released to address this.

The mod in question is a mod that adds Asajj Ventress and Kit Fisto as bonus playable characters. These characters were previously exclusive to the Xbox version of Star Wars Battlefront 2. Iamashaymin’s mod brought these characters to the game’s PC version, though the mod has its quirks. For starters, early versions of the mod simply uses animations from other characters, making Asajj Ventress a simple reskin of Aayla Secura. Future versions of the mod added corrected animations for these bonus characters.

The Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection is a “total mess”

Iamashaymin has called this experience a “terrible gut punch”. Not only was their mod used without credit, but Aspyr claimed that it wasn’t used in the final game. Beyond that, the game has launched in a terrible state, adding insult to injury.

“There’s not really anything else I can say that other players aren’t already screaming, it’s a terrible feeling getting very pumped for a game like this and it just missing the mark entirely. It’s a terrible gut punch.”

“This release has been a total mess. The fact they had to release patches both before and immediately after releasing two-decade old games really says it all,”

After datamining the game’s Switch version, iamashaymin claims to have found evidence of Aspyr’s lies. They note that the game uses the “exact same files” as their mod, but with corrected animations. It is also noted that the game features the game “glitches and bugs” as their mod.

You can join the discussion on the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection using mods without credit on the OC3D Forums.

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