ATI release WHQL-Certified Graphics Driver 8.612 for Windows 7

ATI release WHQL-Certified Graphics Driver 8.612 for Windows 7ati
Now that Microsoft have made Windows 7 RC1 available for all to download, and started accepting WHQL certification for drivers, hardware manufacturers will be looking to get fully certified drivers out as quickly as possible. First out of the blocks (yet again) is ATI with their 8.612 driver, offering support for the Radeon HD 2000, 3000 and 4000 series of graphics processing units.
Some of you may be unaware of what the WHQL program actually is, so in a nutshell the WHQL certification program ensures that a particular piece of hardware has been fully tested and deemed compatible with Microsoft’s operating systems, in this case Windows 7.
“By delivering a WHQL certified driver for the Windows 7 operating system at the earliest possible opportunity, AMD has once again demonstrated its driver leadership,” said Ben Bar-Haim, corporate vice president, Software Engineering, AMD. “AMD is working closely with Microsoft to ensure superior performance and a reliable Windows 7 experience throughout our line of graphics processors.”
According to ATI the new WHQL-certified driver delivers:
  • Industry-leading driver stability and reliability
  • Full WDDM 1.1 WHQL-certified support under Windows 7
  • Scheduled performance and new feature innovation every month
  • Enablement of ATI Stream technology for general purpose GPU (GPGPU) computing on supported graphics cards.
Catalyst 9.5 drivers will also be WHQL certified and are expected to arrive before May 13th. If you don’t want to wait you can download the 8.612 WHQL certified drivers from the following links:
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