Battlefield V – What we know so far

Battlefield V - What we know so far

Battlefield V – What we know so far

In the aftermath of Star Wars: Battlefront II, DICE fans have been scared about what will happen to Battlefield V, EA’s next big shooter. Thankfully, during the game’s reveal, it has been confirmed that Battlefield V will not have a loot box system, stressing that players will not gain an advantage if they spend more in the game. 

Battlefield Premium pass has also disappeared, with in-game microtransactions coming in the form of cosmetic items, which can be purchased with real money or earned in-game currency. All post-launch map packs will be available for free, preventing Battlefield playerbase from splintering post-launch into Premium and non-premium camps.   

The game itself is set in World War II, returning the series to its original setting, bringing back Battlefield 1’s War Stories single-player mode, while forgoing the temptation to create a Battle Royale mode to attach themselves to the latest gaming trends. Instead, Battlefield V will be bringing back their 4-player co-op Combined Arms mode, offering players procedurally generated missions while refining Battlefields core mechanics. 

Where there is destruction, there should also be creation

The Battlefield series has always been famous for its environmental destruction, though with Battlefield V DICe has decided to add construction and rebuilding mechanics to the series, allowing fortifications to be built around objectives and for additional defences to be constructed if and when they are needed. Construction isn’t available everywhere in the game, only in pre-defined locations.  

Some stationary guns can now be moved using vehicles, providing an extra level of versatility to the game’s fortifications. Attackers can no longer rely on these weapons being in a fixed location and outsmart their opponents with new defensive tactics. 

In multiplayer Conquest, Frontlines, Domination, Team Deathmatch and Breakthrough will be available alongside the game’s Combined Arms Co-op mode. As we mentioned earlier, War Stories will return as Battlefield V’s singleplayer campaign. 

Maps in Battlefield V will stretch from Snowy Norwegian Fjords, through the city of Rotterdam all the way to the deserts of North Africa, providing players with a lot of varied terrain from map to map. 

Release date?

Battlefield V will become available first to EA Origin Access members on October 11th, offering a limited section of the game to play. The full game will release on October 16th for Deluxe Edition owners and October 19th for Standard Edition owners. 

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