Cities Skylines 2 has received its second optimisation patch

Expect a performance boost from Cities Skylines 2’s newest update

Colossal Order has released patch 1.0.12f1 for Cities Skylines 2, aiming to add further optimisation to the game on PC and address some simulation bugs. This update is now available to gamers on Steam, and the studio is working to deliver this patch to gamers on the Microsoft Store and PC Game Pass soon.

Cities Skylines 2 is a hugely demanding game on PC, and Colossal Order hopes to increase the performance of their game with future updates. At the start of the game’s lifespan, Colossal Order has focused more on gameplay than performance. This is why the game has received a “mixed” review rating on Steam despite the game’s performance issues. For every complaint about performance, there is praise for moving the city builder genre forward.

With update 1.0.12f1, Cities Skylines 2 contains a large number of new game optimisations. This includes optimisations for area lights, changes to shadow LOD calculations, changes to the rendering of small and large objects, and reductions to the unnecessarily large texture resolutions of some characters. These changes are all designed to increase game performance and decrease both CPU and GPU load.

With this new update, Cities Skylines 2 has also had a radio ad removed from “Spasm Radio” due to “offensive content”. Changes to a variety of simulation factors have also been altered to improve the game. Players using existing save files will need to run the game for a while before these simulation changes will have an impact.

You can join the discussion on Cities Skylines 2’s latest PC update on the OC3D Forums.

Patch Notes for 1.0.12f1 hotfix

Hi everyone. We have another hotfix for you today with improvements and bug fixes, see the list below for details. The patch is going on out Steam today, and we’re working on bringing it to the Microsoft Store as soon as possible.
Please note! – With existing save games, most simulation fixes require the simulation to run for a while to take effect.
  • Increased leisure probability to balance the “No customers” situation with commercial companies
  • Improved balance of companies’ profit
  • Tuned down companies ordering input resources when their storage don’t have enough space
  • Fixed trade resource bug preventing some resources from being consumed
  • Fixed miscalculation in college/university eligible count
  • Improved conditions for companies to move away when bankrupt
  • Fixed a dependency error with land value causing potential instability
  • Fixed an issue where loading a new map would cause water state to get out of sync with the save data
  • Slightly increased Windows emission intensity
  • Optimizations for area lights
  • Prefer rendering small objects after large ones when possible to improve GPU performances in some cases
  • Improved shadow LOD calculations to cull irrelevant shadow casters earlier
  • Reduced situations where trees and alpha clipped objects would lead to virtual texturing space running out
  • Fixed citizens hanging around at park areas on regular building lots never getting inside the building
  • Decreased resolution of unnecessary large character textures
  • Removed Spasm radio ad (due to offensive content)
  • Added missing localization ID for Paradox account linking
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