Creative Assembly teases Total War Warhammer III’s Gameplay Reveal

Total War Warhammer III has been revealed - Here's what we know so far

Creative Assembly teases Total War Warhammer III’s Gameplay Reveal

Total War Warhammer III’s Gameplay Reveal will take place on May 13th at 5 PM BST, showcasing the game for the first time. According to Creative Assembly’s teaser, the reveal will showcase gameplay from the Chaos Wastes, where Kislev are fighting against hordes of Khorne Daemons.

Total War: Warhammer III is coming to Windows PC, macOS and Linux later this year through Steam and the Epic Games Store, with the game launching first on Windows. Feral Interactive will be working on the game’s Linux and macOS versions and will release the game those platforms as soon as those versions of the game are ready.

At this time, relatively little is known about Total War Warhammer III, outside of the game’s settings and some of the game’s available factions. This gameplay reveal is due to showcase more of what the game will offer, and give many Warhammer Fantasy fans their first proper look at the Kingdom of Kislev. 

What do we know so far? 

Based on the game’s reveal trailer, which is available to view below, Total War Warhammer III will focus on the factions of Chaos and the nations which border the Chaos Wastes. Faction-wise, the game will launch with nine playable Legendary Lords, with Creative Assembly confirming that the game will include four ruinous powers of Chaos; Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeentch and Khorne, the warrior nation of Kislev and the empire of Grand Cathay.

Like prior games, Total War Warhammer III will feature a pre-order/early adopter incentive. Sadly, Creative Assembly has not revealed this incentive at this time, though it will likely come in the form of an additional faction/Legendary Lord to play as.

Is the game set during The End Times?

No, Total War Warhammer III is set during Karl Franz’s reign, just like its predecessors. Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition will be the game’s main source of lore, though Games Workshop and Creative Assembly have worked together to expand the game’s Kislev and Cathay factions to give both nations deeper lore.

For those interested in the authenticity of Total War Warhammer III’s depictions of Kislev and Cathay, rest assured that these depictions will be “legit” and approved by Games Workshop.

In Total War Warhammer III, players will be asked to “Rally your forces and step into the Realm of Chaos”, and to “conquer your Daemons.” Players will alternatively be able to command the armies of Chaos.

Will there be a combined map for Total War Warhammer I, II and III?

Yes, but not at launch. This map will also be exclusive to those who own Total War Warhammer I, II and III on the same PC storefront. Right now, Creative Assembly’s focus is on the development of Total War Warhammer III’s main campaign. However, the studio has confirmed that more DLC for Total War: Warhammer II will be released before then.

Should I buy Total War Warhammer III on Steam or the Epic Games Store?

To gain access to Total War Warhammer I and II’s factions within Total War Warhammer III, you will need to own all of the games on the same storefront. That means that all existing Total War Warhammer fans should purchase Total War Warhammer III on Steam.

While Creative Assembly wants to implement cross-platform DLC access, achieving such a feat will be difficult. While Creative Assembly does promise support for cross-store multiplayer, they do not promise to deliver cross-platform DLC access at launch. You must buy Total War Warhammer III on the same storefront as your other Total War Warhammer content to guarantee access to that content in Total War Warhammer III.

Fans of Total War Warhammer can pre-order the game through Steam and the Epic Games Store. PC gamers can also purchase both versions directly from Creative Assembly, giving the studio a larger cut of the game’s revenue.

Will Total War Warhammer II continue to be supported?

Total War Warhammer III will become Creative Assembly’s primary focus for the series, though additional Total War Warhammer II content will be released before Total War Warhammer III’s release. Gamers can expect to hear more about Total War Warhammer II’s final pieces of DLC in the near future.

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