Crytek delays Crysis Remastered – Pushes back Gameplay reveal

Watch Crysis Remastered's gameplay reveal here

Crytek delays Crysis Remastered – Pushes back Gameplay reveal

Crytek has confirmed that Crysis Remastered’s release has been pushed back on all platforms, delaying both the release of the game and its first gameplay reveal. 

At this time, Crytek has only stated that the game will only be delayed by “a few weeks”, allowing the game’s developers to spend more time “polishing the game”. With Crysis Remastered, Crytek plans to maintain its “PC- and console-breaking standard”, and wants to spend some more time adding more improvements to the game.   

This delay follows the leak of a Crysis Remastered first gameplay trailer online, which was harshly criticised by much of the Crysis fanbase. To many, the game’s graphical improvements were not enough to satisfy gamers, though it is worth noting that this leaked trailer sported a low resolution, which limited the detail of the trailer. Even so, this backlash has force Crytek to rework Crysis Remastered, which means that PC and console gamers can expect even better graphics from the title when it releases later this year.  

Below is Crytek’s full statement regarding Crysis Remastered’s delay. 


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