Day of Defeat looks great with fully path-traced lighting

Nvidia’s Jacob Freeman showcases an impressive Day of Defeat RTX Remix

Jacob Freeman, Nvidia’s GeForce Evangelist, has showcased the potential of the company’s RTX Remix tech once again with a new work in progress mod for Day of Defeat: Source.

Day of Defeat: Source is a team-based multiplayer shooter from Valve. The game was originally a mod for Valve’s Half-Life, with Valve buying rights to the mod in 2003. The game was then released as official Valve software and was remade as Day of Defeat: Source in 2005.

In the video below, Nvidia’s Jacob Freeman showcases Day of Defeat running with smooth framerates with RTX Remix. Since Nvidia has worked extensively with Valve’s Source engine to create Portal with RTX, it makes sense that Day of Defeat: Source also runs well using RTX Remix.

While this game would no doubt benefit from the texture and asset replacement capabilities of RTX Remix, this video showcases the benefits that path-traced lighting can deliver to classic games.

Sadly, Valve hasn’t touched its Day of Defeat IP in many years. Counter-Strike has become the company’s core shooter, and it makes sense for Valve to focus on one shooter instead of two. Even so, it would be nice to see a new version of this game, or Team Fortress 3 for that matter.

Last month, we have seen many games get receive the RTX Remix treatment. Need for Speed Most Wanted and Need for Speed Rivals now have RTX Remix mods. An RTX Remix mod is also available for Tomb Raider.

You can join the discussion on Day of Defeat: Source’s impressive RTX Remix on the OC3D Forums.

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