First TF2 Sniper Unlockable Revealed

First TF2 Sniper Unlockable Revealedsniper
Valve has announced the first of three unlockables for the Sniper class in the team based multiplayer first person shooter. Since the games release in October 2007 fans of the game have waited patiently for numerous unlockable weapons for each of the classes and next in line is the Sniper.
Like previous updates Valve has unveiled small snippets of information on days leading up to its release with the first appearing yesterday. The “Huntsman” is a bow and arrow and is more than likely the replacement for the sniper rifle. Unlike the “Sandman” update for the Scout the “Hunstman” doesn’t stun the enemy, instead it pins their body to the wall. One headshot can cause critical damage to your opponent and if it doesn’t kill them, they will walk around with the proof of your pro archery skills stuck firmly in their body. The Huntsman will come equipped with 18 arrows and a one second charge will allow for a fully charged power shot.
Valve will no doubt be releasing the rest of the details over the coming days which will detail the other two unlockables, achievements and maps that are due for release in the Sniper update. Stay tuned for further updates!
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