GOG Galaxy 2.0 has entered Open Beta – Bring all of your PC games into a single launcher

GOG Galaxy's 2.0 Closed Beta has started, bringing all launchers together

GOG Galaxy 2.0 has entered Open Beta – Bring all of your PC games into a single launcher

GOG’s Galaxy 2.0 client has entered open beta, allowing all PC gamers to try out GOG’s unified launcher, which can bring together games across multiple platforms to create a combined games list. 

This means that PC gamers can access all of their games in one place, reducing the need for launcher switching. Users can even sync their GOG Galaxy configuration settings between devices, which is great for users with multiple PCs. Your friends lists from most major gaming clients are also available within GOG Galaxy, which will allow gamers to talk to their other friends with relative ease. 

Before now, GOG’s Galaxy 2.0 client was only available to selected users, but now the clients beta is available to everyone, supporting Windows 8 or Microsoft OS’ and Mac OS X.   

Why is GOG 2.0 important?

The PC gaming marketplace is incredibly fragmented, with storefronts like Steam, the Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store, Uplay, GOG, Origin, Bethesda.net and more vying for the attention of PC users. With Galaxy 2.0, GOG wants to bring the fragmented libraries of gamers together while promising never to share data with 3rd parties while allowing users to remove data from their servers with one click.

Galaxy 2.0 promises to make gaming easier for PC users, but doing so requires a lot of development effort and time, which is why the Galaxy 2.0 is releasing initially as a closed beta. Bugs need to be fixed and storefront integration needs to be easy to use. If GOG plays its cards right, they could make Galaxy a must-have app for PC gamers.

PC Gamers can download GOG’s Galaxy 2.0 client here.

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