Going Rogue – a New Phase in City of Heroes

Going Rogue – a New Phase in City of Heroes
The new expansion to City of Rogues removes the morality line between good and evilMMO game City of Heroes will soon be getting a new expansion called Going Rogue; the addition will remove the clear divide between heroes and villains in this online game. The announcement was jointly made by current publisher NCsoft and Paragon Studios.
What this means for you as a fan of the game is a choice – if you have so far been a hero, you can now get inside Rogue Isles by joining the villains. If however, you have been a villain, you can now turn a new leaf to join the heroes and enter Paragon City. Now that’s what you call changing sides!
Additionally, players can chose between two new characters– Desdemona and Maelstrom. While Desdemona with her ability to summon demons is depicted as a villain who has crossed to the side of heroes, heroes’ sharpshooter Maelstrom has crossed over to the evil side. The new additions bring an all new alignment to the game.
A new parallel universe Praetoria – where there is no morality line between good and evil will now enter the game. Ruled by Tyrant, Praetoria is full of new missions for players, who will also have to look for Tyrant and his Praetorian Guard.
Paragon Studios’ general manager and executive producer Brian Clayton states, “City of Heroes has brought a fresh new perspective to the MMO stage with its foray into the super-powered hero comic book genre, and we are excited to present gamers with even more innovative content in Going Rogue. For years, players could choose between playing as a hero or a villain. Now, we will present a third, malleable path where players can be affected by the results of their actions, enabling them to further develop, unveil new perspectives, and overcome new challenges.”
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