Microsoft launches DirectSR, an API for enabling “Super Resolution” technologies

DirectSR will make adding FSR, XeSS, and DLSS to games a lot easier

As part of their new AgilitySDK 1.714.0 preview, Microsoft has integrated support for DirectSR. This new API makes integrating Super Resolution (SR) technologies easier by using a singular API for all hardware ecosystems.

DirectSR was created in collaboration with AMD, Nvidia, and Intel. As such, it can be used to integrate FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), DLSS, and XeSS into games with ease. Note that this API is designed for DirectX 12 games.

Microsoft’s new API brings together the common inputs and outputs of Super Resolution technologies and allow a single codepath to be used to enable all major super resolution technologies. Using this new API, Microsoft are making it easier than ever to integrate Super Resolution technologies from all major GPU manufacturers.

One interesting aspect of Microsoft’s new Super Resolution API is that it can support a super resolution across a “wider range of devices”. For example, a Super Resolution engine could use a non-GPU device to operate, like a Neural Processing Unit (NPU). This future-proofs Microsoft’s new Super Resolution API, as it is more flexible than it needed to be. After all, all of today’s Super Resolution technologies use GPUs to run.

You can join the discussion on DirectSR coming to Microsoft’s Agility SDK on the OC3D Forums.

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