Nixxes adds XeSS 1.3 and a suite of new PC optimisations to Horizon: Forbidden West

Patch 1.3 has arrived for Horizon: Forbidden West’s PC version

Nixxes has released patch 1.3 for Horizon: Forbidden West Complete Edition on PC. This update adds a range of new optimisations, bugfixes, and stability improvements to the game. Beyond that, Nixxes has also improved the visual quality of the game’s dust effects, giving the game a visual boost. Intel’s XeSS technology has also been updated to version 1.3 in Horizon: Forbidden West.

In addition to these changes, Nixxes has also improved the game’s texture streaming system to reduce memory usage and boost texture quality. These changes give the game another quality boost. Steam Deck players will also be glad to see a new Interface Text Size option, which will make the interface easier to read on small screens.

One of the headline features of this new Horizon Forbidden West is its support for Intel’s XeSS 1.3 technology. With XeSS 1.3, Intel has increased the fidelity and performance of their upscaling technology. The update also ads new anti-aliasing option in the form of XeSS Native AA mode. Sadly, the game still uses AMD’s FSR 2.2 technology.

Last week, Nixxes confirmed that they don’t plan to update Horizon: Forbidden West’s FSR implementation until AMD launches FSR 3.1. With FSR 3.1, AMD will be boosting the quality of their non-AI upscaling technology and allow gamers to use FSR 3’s Frame Generation feature without FSR Super Resolution upscaling or Anti-Aliasing. Nixxes wants to integrated AMD’s best upscaler into Horizon: Forbidden West, and that upscaler is FSR 3.1.

You can join the discussion on XeSS coming to Horizon: Forbidden West on the OC3D Forums.

Release Notes

  • Improved the visual quality of dust.
  • Added Interface Text Size option in the General Settings menu.
  • Improvements to texture streaming to reduce memory usage and improve quality.
  • Updated Intel XeSS to version 1.3 with improved image quality and new XeSS Native AA option.
  • Resolved performance regression when enabling NVIDA Reflex On+Boost.
  • When using Quick Slot hotkeys to select weapons, the last used ammo type used will now be remembered.
  • Improved smoothness of camera movement in Photo Mode when using the mouse.
  • Removed hardcoded Mouse and Keyboard bindings for actions such as Navigation Assist in Focus Mode. They now listen to their respective remappable key bindings.
  • Various optimizations and stability improvements.
  • Various UI bugfixes.
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