Novigrad’s visuals will be transformed with this Witcher 3 mod

Nivigrad's visuals will be tranformed with The Witcher 3's HDRP 12.0

Novigrad’s visuals will be transformed with The Witcher 3’s HDRP 12.0 “Ultimate” mod

The Witcher 3 is one of the most popular games of this console generation, offering gamers on all current-generation gaming platforms one of the deepest RPG experiences available and visuals which were amongst the best available at launch. 

The only major problem with The Witcher 3’s visuals is that the game was designed for the 1080p era. Back in 2015, when The Witcher 3 launched, most gamers didn’t use 1440p or 4K displays, and because of that The Witcher 3’s textures and models were not created with high screen resolutions in mind. Thankfully, modders have stepped in to address this issue on PC. 

The Witcher 3’s HDRP (HD Reworked Project) addresses this issue by replacing the game’s original artwork with 4K ready versions, making the game look better without changing the game’s core aesthetic. Perhaps the best thing about HDRP is that it looks almost stock, a factor which makes the game look like it received an HD remaster, rather than a fan-made texture pack. Model changes have also further increased the game’s graphical fidelity, adding more roundness to appropriate edges and more detail to add realism to more in-game objects. 

With version 12.0, the “Ultimate” release of this project, Halk Hogan, the creator of the mod, will rework several locations within the game, including the settlements of Novigrad and Oxenfurt. This will allow these areas to appear sharper and more detailed in high resolution screens, transforming the look of these often visited areas. 

Even users of 1080p screens can enjoy these texture changes, though many of the mod’s model changes will be easier to notice. Some edges will become more rounded with the introduction of more polygons, and other items will become more realistic in appearance. These mesh changes make The Witcher 3’s world more believable, which is saying something given the quality of the game at stock.

Version 12.0 “Ultimate” of The Witcher 3’s HD Reworked Project is in the works, offering gamers reworked textures across the game as well as improved assets and upgraded clothing and armour sets for both Geralt and The Witcher 3’s NPCs. This will help improve the look of Geralt and NPCs across the game, especially during cutscenes and dialogue. 

Right now, Halk Hogan hasn’t set a release date for version 12 of The Witcher 3 Enhanced Project, but a preview of his work can be viewed below. Watch this video in fullscreen mode to see the full impact of this mod’s updated textures. Version 11.0 of Halk Hogan’s The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project is currently available to download on Nexus Mods. A release date for The Witcher 3 HDRP 12 is due to be announced “soon”. 

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