PC Modder brings Raytracing to DOOM Eternal with “Real Next Gen” Graphics Mod

PC Modder brings Raytracing to DOOM Eternal with

PC Modder brings Raytracing to DOOM Eternal with “Real Next Gen” Graphics Mod

DOOM Eternal is already one of 2020’s best-looking games, merging high levels of graphical fidelity with high framerates to create a fast-paced gaming experience which can stand tall amongst some of the most beautiful games of this console generation. 

As always, PC gamers are looking for ways to add some more graphical yum-yum to the latest games, especially those who own ultra-high-end hardware. Like other games, the PC modder MassiHancer has created a work in progress mod for DOOM Eternal, which delivers “Real Next Gen” graphics to the game with new graphical effects and the addition of software-based raytracing. 

Using programs like Reshade and Pascal Glitcher’s Raytraced Global Illumination shaders, MassiHancer has managed to add more realistic lighting effects, more detailed in-game reflections, ray-traced global illumination, and more accurate Ambient Occlusion to DOOM Eternal. These alterations have significantly increased the graphical fidelity of the game, adding new reflections, bounce lighting, new shadows and richer contrast to id Software’s latest title.

In addition to these raytraced effects, MassiHancer had also added extra colour grading to the title, improved tesselation and enhanced fur to the game, allowing the game to appear much more detailed.  
Sadly, this mod is not available to download at this time. It currently utilises Pascal Gilcher’s RT shaders, which are only available to his $5/$20 Patreon subscribers. On top of this, MassiHancer’s mod is still in development. In the future, we hope that MassiHancer will release this mod publically, though this may happen after Pascal Gilcher’s RT shaders release out of beta.

The gameplay footage below was played on a system with an i7-8700K processor and an RTX 2080 Ti graphics card. Sadly, the modded nature of this raytracing implementation prevents DOOM Eternal from utilising hardware acceleration for its raytraced elements. This factor means that this mod cannot benefit from Nvidia’s RT and Tensor cores to accelerate this game’s raytracing implementation.

The video below showcases MassiHancer’s mod in action. 

MassiHunter has showcased raytracing mods for several titles on YouTube, showcasing raytraced effects in 
Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and “Filmic” mods for Star Wars Battlefront II, Battlefield V and several other games. 

Raytracing is set to become a lot more common within AAA titles over the next few years, with both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 boasting support for Hardware-Accelerated Raytracing. With both Nvidia and AMD supporting raytracing in hardware with future GPU releases, raytracing has moved from being a future technology to something that’s just around the corner for consoles and mainstream GPUs. 

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