Portal Revolution has been released on Steam, and its a must-download for fans

Need more Portal content? This free mod is a must-download for you

Portal Revolution, a brand new Portal campaign mod, is now available to download on Steam. This mod adds 40 new test chambers to Portal 2 alongside a new storyline. This mod has been in development for eight years and features new test elements to augment to existing Portal 2 experience.

Now is a great time to buy both Portal games on PC, as both times are available with a 90% discount until January 11th. Today, both Portal games have a wealth of free modded content to enjoy, many of which have dedicated Steam pages.

Portal Revolution takes place before the events of Portal 2. The game is set inside the decaying Aperture testing facility and features several new features. Difficulty-wise, this game starts where Portal 2 stops, making the game more challenging than Portal 2. However, this mod has been extensively play-tested to ensure that its levels are not too challenging and that all new mechanics are adequately explained. Although very few chambers require portals to be fired mid-air, no puzzles require advanced tricky movement.

Portal Revolution makes use of new test elements and to use existing Portal 2 mechanics in new ways. This includes the use of the following features.

  • Resurrected “Pneumatic Diversity Vent” element
  • New laser cube variant
  • Over 15 puzzles using only the blue Portal-Gun
  • Gel Cleansing Field

Portal Revolution takes 5-7 hours to complete and now available to download for free on Steam. You must own a copy of Portal 2 on Steam to download and play Portal Revolution.

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