Now is a great time to play the Portal series on PC

There has never been a better time to start playing play Portal on PC

Portal and Portal 2 are amongst the best games that Valve has ever produced. The games offered players challenging puzzles, unique gameplay concepts, and plenty of laughs to help players push past the series’ more challenging moments.

Yes, we are talking today about games from the PS3 and Xbox 360 era. Yes, the Portal series is old. That doesn’t means that it isn’t worth playing in 2024. Right now, PC gamers can buy both games for less than the price of a coffee on Steam. And for that price you get more than just the games, you get all of the community content that comes with it.

While Portal is a multi-platform title, I believe that the series’ true home is on PC. On PC the series has evolved into something greater than Valve’s original games. For graphics enthusiasts we have Portal RTX, Nvidia’s ray traced reimagining of Valve’s puzzle platformer. We have Steam Workshop for community content, and even more mods outside of the workshop.

If you missed out on the series when it originally launched, now’s your chance to catch up. At a minimum, you will finally get to understand why the cake is a lie. If you enjoy the series, there’s also a lot of and its fan-made spin-offs to try out. This may be the best £1.28 you have ever spent on a game!

Users of modern PC hardware should be able to run both games without any issues at maximum settings, even with MSAA cranked up to max. That said, if you try Nvidia’s RTX version, expect that to crush your system unless you have a powerful GeForce RTX GPU.

There’s also  wealth of Portal modded content to enjoy

Steam’s puzzle platforming series has a vibrant modding community. Fans of the series have created full spin-off games, a wealth of Steam Workshop levels for the second game’s co-op, and more. Portal has received an incredible level of support from the gaming community, with some highlights being Portal Reloaded, and Portal Stories: Mel, which have received full (free) Steam releases. Portal Prelude, a fan-made prequel to original game even received an RTX remake from Nvidia earlier this year.

PC gamers can buy both games on Steam for £1.28 until January 11th. This represents a 92% discount for the game collection on Steam.

You can join the discussion on Portal 1 & 2’s excellent pricing on the OC3D Forums.

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