RPCS3 team showcases 30-100% performance gains for low-end CPU users with new update

The latest update to the RPCS3 PlayStation 3 Emulator delivers a 30-100% boost to low-end CPU users

RPCS3 has just received a must have update for low-end CPU users, delivering SPU optimisations that deliver a major performance gains for the PlayStation 3 emulator. These new optimisations are part of v0.0.32-16614 of the PC PS3 emulator, which was release on June 15th, with developer elad335 being behind the change.

Based on the Twitter post below, this new update can deliver performance gains of 30-100%. On a 4-core/ 4-thread CPU setup, framerates are doubled in Demon’s Souls and significantly boosted in Persona 5. Note that performance gains will be lower for systems with higher-end CPUs. That said, these SPU optimisations should be beneficial for everyone.

This update is a big deal for users of Valve’s Steam Deck and other systems with lower-end CPUs. Updates like this make PS3 emulator more performant for everyone. That said, the larger impact of this change is that it makes PlayStation 3 emulator more accessible. These optimisations effectively lower the CPU requirements of this emulator, making it easier to use by the PC gaming masses.

Last month, the RPCS3 emulator celebrated its 13th anniversary. Now, over 70% of the PlayStation 3;’s library is playable using the emulator, which is great news for PS3 lowers everywhere.

Now, PC is the best place to play many classic PlayStation 3 games. Through RPSC3, many PS3 games can be played at higher resolutions and framerates than on original PlayStation 3 hardware. This gives supported games both a visual and responsiveness boost when played on powerful enough PCs.

You can join the discussion on RPCS3’s latest performance boosting update on the OC3D Forums.

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