Sony Leaks News of a Smaller, Lighter PSP

News Posted 15/03/07
Author: MikeEnIke
Source: DailyTech

The PSP is the widely popular PlayStation Portable, which is known for its sleek looks and great graphics. The expandable memory, web browser, and video/music functionality has brought the PSP to good success. Maybe not phenomenal, but the PSP has definitely fared well with strict competition from the Nintendo DS and DS Lite. Although the PSP has seen good success, rumors of an updated version of the PSP have been flying around the tech seen for quite some time, all with high hopes.

Rumors have circulated of included 8GB flash memory, a camera, and faster hardware; however, up until now, it’s always seemed like the rumors were nothing but hopes of a lonely teenager. A Sony executive has leaked information that points to a PSP upgrade.

Maguire said that a future version of the system would be smaller and lighter than the current PSP on the market. In response to further questions on his comment, Maguire added that the large screen size of the PSP is “fixed” and will not be affected, or reduced, in the next version. He also did not offer comment on any other of the rumored features, nor any suggestions as to when the new PSP would see release. Following Maguire’s comments, a Sony spokesman clarified the company line by saying that there were no “immediate changes” planned for the PSP other than the usual firmware updates. However, the spokesman did not close the door on a new PSP, saying, “In the longest term, of course we are always looking at ways to continue our platform development, and this normal business practice is what Ray was referring to.”

We’ll have to see if these new upgrades ever take shape, and if so, whether they are exactly what the PSP needed to reach great success and finally surpass long time competitor the Nintendo DS Lite, or if it will just be a waste or time, money, and resources.

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