Wii May Not See Third-party Online Games In 2007

News Posted 06/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: ars technica

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Many of us Wii owners have been anxiously awaiting a true online experience. With Xbox Live flourishing and the PlayStation Network holding its own, the Wii’s online capabilities have fallen to a distant third place with no real signs of promise.

2007 was supposed to be the year of online play for the Wii, but so far, the only real signs of life have come by way of Nintendo. Currently, Pokemon Battle Revolution in Japan is the first game to utilise online play, and it seems that first-party games may remain the only titles with online capabilities for the foreseeable future. Apparently the lack of online support stems from the Nintendo’s failure to provide third-party online tools.

Nintendo is still not letting Wii third-party publishers include online capabilities in their games and it doesn’t look like they will during 2007. So the best chance they have at building an online presence appears to be what they’re doing with Virtual Console.

Who here thinks that the lack of online multiplayer is hurting the Wii’s longevity and playability?

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