Corsair’s compact MP600 Core Mini SSD has reached a new pricing low – M.2 2230 bargain!

In the era of SSD price rises, Corsair’s MP600 Core Mini has reached a new pricing low

NAND prices are rising, and that is causing SSD prices to rise. So far, Corsair appears to be bucking this trend with their ultra-compact Core Mini SSDs, which are now available for the lowest prices that we have seen for an M.2 2230 SSD.

With its 1TB model costing £67.98, and its 2TB model costing £124.99, these drives are excellent upgrade options for any device that uses these small form factor SSDs. These drives are the perfect storage upgrade option for Valve’s Steam Deck. They are also great options for Microsoft’s compatible Surface devices, and products like the ROG Ally.

The one downside of Corsair’s MP600 Core Mini SSD is that it uses QLC NAND, not TLC NAND. This is not a big deal for mainstream use cases, as users of handhelds like Valve’s Steam Deck are unlikely to be writing enough data for NAND wear to be an issue. Beyond that, this drive’s 250TBW endurance rating is very reasonable when compared to other 1TB M.2 2230 SSDs.

With rated read speeds of up to 5000MB/s reads and write speeds of up to 3800MB/s, this SSD is more than fast enough for any modern gaming workload. This is more than fast enough to reach the limits of the Steam Deck’s PCIe 3.0 interface. This limits the drive’s speeds to 3,500 MB/s on Steam Deck. Even with this limit, this drive is much faster than the SSDs that the Steam Deck ships with, especially its baseline 64 GB 300 MB/s eMMC drive.

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