Patriot Viper PV573 SSD pushes the limits of PCIe 5 SSDs with 14GB/s speeds

Patriot combines top-tier performance with strong cooling with their new Viper PV573 Gen 5 NVMe SSD

At CES 2024, the folks over at Patriot had a special SSD to show us. Meet the Patriot Viper PV573, a new PCIe 5.0 SSD that brings together Phison’s enhanced E26 Max14um controller and Micron’s new B58R 2400 MT/s TLC NAND. With this hardware combo, Patriot can deliver sequential read speeds of 14 GB/s, pushing the limits of PCIe 5.0 storage.

What’s most impressive about this drive is that it’s surprisingly cool running. This drive runs at below 45 degrees Celsius under load, thanks to new SSD controller thermal optimisations and Patriot’s low profile Viper cooling solution.

Phison also shown us a slightly slower version of this drive called the Viper PV553, which delivered 12.4 GB/s sequential read speeds. This drive uses Phison’s standard E26 SSD controller, not its newer Max14um variant, which is why it runs slightly slower. Even so, both of these new Phison SSDs are incredibly fast.

With its heatsink, both of Phison’s Viper series SSDs are 16.5mm thick, and the included fan with their heatsink is rated for 25,000 hours of operation. With this heatsink solution, users do not need to worry about thermal throttling under load. That said, this fan’s power connector is a bit on the clunky side. Then again, that’s the cost of peak performance.

If Patriot’s booth had a theme at CES, it would be “Pushing the Limits of Hardware”. At their boost we saw fast DDR5 memory, ultra-fast storage devices, and new technologies that will usher in the next era of fast DDR5 memory. Our time with Patriot got us excited, and we will be reporting more on the company’s exploits soon.

You can join the discussion on Patriot’s Viper PV553 SSD on the OC3D Forums.

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