Samsung Intros 250GB Spinpoint N3U HDD

Samsung Intros 250GB Spinpoint N3U HDD
The new Samsung Spinpoint N3U 1.8in HDDThe computing world is slowly leaning towards SSDs, but Samsung has bucked the trend to introduce a 1.8in hard drive. The smaller-than-traditional HDD comes with a decent 250GB storage capacity.
Samsung has been a pioneer in the 1.8in HDD business, but recent rumours hinted that the hard disk manufacturer has plans of abandoning these smaller HDDs in favour of solid-state drives. The new Spinpoint N3U however, puts these rumours to rest.
Equipped with a USB connector instead of the traditional parallel ATA or SATA, the N3U is designed primarily for external hard drives like Samsung’s own S1 mini range. This does not exclude the fact that it would be equally attractive to manufacturers of devices such as netbooks and music players.
With up to 40% lower power consumption than a 2.5in HDD of the same capacity, the Spinpoint N3U holds a lot of appeal for netbook manufacturers as it would allow them to extend battery life on their devices. On the flip side of course is the 3600rpm speed of the new drive, which limits its usage only to netbooks; notebooks would not be able to use it as these require a higher speed drive.
Other models in the N3U range include 120GB, 160GB and 200GB drives, with the price for the 250GB model pegged at £124. All models are already available with retailers.
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