SSD Liquid Cooling? Team Group’s T-Force Siren is here to tame hot PCIe 5.0 SSDs

Team Group’s T-Force Siren GD120S AIO SSD Cooler forces the hottest SSDs to chill out

It’s no secret that today’s fastest SSDs run hot. Pushing the limits of storage is a challenging task, especially when SSDs have been forced into the compact M.2 form factor. Today’s PCIe 5.0 SSDs can see their performance throttle when their thermals get the better of them, and Team Group has a new product that will stop this happening. Meet the Team Group T-Force Siren GD120S, an all-in-one SSD liquid cooler.

Using a patented technology (Taiwan Invention Patent No.: I778726), Team Group’s new T-Force Siren SSD cooler is designed to keep PCIe 5.0 SSDs under 54°C. This is during the heaviest of workloads, where many SSD cooling solutions reach their limits.

This all-in-one SSD liquid cooling solution uses a 120mm radiator and a 120mm fan for cooling. The heatsink attaches to PCIe 5.0 SSDs using a double-layered thermal pad to allow the SSD’s controller chip and ICs to be tightly affixed to the copper base of the cooler. This cooler is designed to offer users quiet operation under heavy loads. In contrast, some SSD heatsinks use small fans at high speeds for cooling. These solutions are often loud, and many of them still throttle under heavy loads.

Team Group expects to start selling their new T-Force Siren GD120S AIO SSD Cooler this year. Sales will start in the US this December through Amazon. Currently, it is unknown when this heatsink will be available outside of the US.

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