Toshiba unveils speedy 512GB SSD

Toshiba unveils speedy 512GB SSD Toshiba SSD

Toshiba has unveiled a 512GB solid state drive (SSD) which it claims breaks both speed and size records in the notebook SSD market.

The 2.5-inch notebook drive is based on Toshiba’s 43nm multi-level cell NAND flash technology, and claims write speeds of up to 200MBps and read speeds of up to 240MBps. Intel rates its latest 80GB X-25M SSDs at 250MB per second read speeds and up to 70MB per second write speeds.

The drives are scheduled for mass production in Q2 2009, by which stage Toshiba expects SSDs to represent 10 per cent of all notebook drives.

Pricing for Toshiba’s new SSD’s has not been revealed at this time, but expect it to be a considerable outlay.

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