MSI reveals Claw 8 AI+ handheld with Intel Lunar Lake upgrade

MSI are building a new Claw gaming handheld with Intel Xe2 graphics

At Computex 2024, Intel revealed their Lunar Lake CPU platform, focusing on boosted performance, lower power draw, and AI enablement. MSI, being quick to adopt the latest technologies, has confirmed that they are building a new handheld based on this new processor. The MSI Claw 8 AI+ is coming, and it has some major upgrades.

For starters, MSI’s new Claw handheld will benefit from Intel’s Xe2 graphics. We have released a deep dive on Xe2, but what you need to know is that Intel has delivered some major architectural improvements with their new graphics architecture. Intel are claiming that their new Xe2 GPU is 1.5x better than their Meteor Lake GPU. If that claim is true, MSI’s new Claw handheld will have 50% more graphics performance than its predecessor.

MSI has also confirmed that their new Claw 8 AI handheld will feature a new 8-inch 120Hz VRR touchscreen. We can also confirm that the device will have an 80Wh battery life. This gives MSI’s new PC gaming handheld a larger screen and a larger battery. For context, the original MSI Claw has a 7-inch screen and a 53Wh battery.

All in all, MSI’s new Claw handheld should be more performant, and have a longer battery life than its predecessor. Its use of Xe2 graphics will have a huge impact on the device, and it is likely that MSI’s new Claw will be more performant than today’s AMD-based PC gaming handhelds.

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