B-Negative The Modding Interview

Modding interview : Bneg


Custom PC builds are becoming increasingly popular these days.  But what separates us normal folk from the greats?

To answer this question we must first understand why it is done.  Go back only 15 years and all PC’s were boring and pretty much identical.  But something then changed, components started becoming cheaper and available to the masses.  People started building their own PC’s to match what they wanted to do with them, be it a basic office rig, a gaming rig or a home power PC for rendering.

From that moment forward, people wanted to put a personal touch to their creations.  Back then, yes it was limited to cases and basic fan choice for the majority of people, but this has moved forward at an exponential rate.  Nowadays you can customise lighting, colours, cases and even add waterblocks to almost all components.

with this advancement is personalisation the modding comunity was born.  Bored with what was available, armed with tools ranging from a dremel to a CNC, the modding world has been taken force by a handful of well known modding “Celebrities”.

Our very own forum member “Wraith” took it upon himself to get inside the head of one of these top modders, B-Negative.

So lets find out what makes him tick, lets hope he can provide inspiration for future greats.  Because lets be honest, who doesn’t look through the build log section of the forum and wonder how some of these PC’s get made and where that inspiration comes from?

So over to Wraith :



Ladies and Gentlemen, put down your hammers and Dremels and pay attention.



Today, we have something a little different for you.  I can assure you that amateurs, enthusiast and all hardcore modders will appreciate this.

We begin our journey by delving deep into the psyche and lives of the worlds most influential and widely recognised PC modders. We shall see just what makes them tick, and why they do what they do!

We see new glorious works of tech art created each year which either inspire us or creates a feeling of dread.  But one thing’s for sure, they grab our attention and get the modding juices flowing.  It is these talented individuals we look to for inspiration and guidance for our own endeavours.

So in the hot seat today is the uber talented and OC3D regular B-Negative.  Many of you guys may have had the pleasure of communicating with him on the forums and witnessed one or all of his epic build logs.  So lets first take a look though some of his past masterpieces before we give him the OC3D grilling.


Modding interview : B-Negative

Arctic Water

Modding interview : B-Negative


Modding interview : B-Negative

Cl0s3 Impact

Modding interview : B-Negative

HeretEK Vulture

Modding interview : B-Negative


Modding interview : B-Negative


Modding interview : B-Negative