Cooler Master H500P Mesh White

Cooler Master H500P Mesh Overview


To catch everybody up, we loved Cooler Master’s H500P chassis, though that does not mean that the case was without its problems. With noted inspiration from the company’s old HAF (High Air Flow) series of cases, the H500P left many reviewers puzzled, how can this be called a HAF inspired case when the two front 200MM fans are restricted by the case’s front window?      

While the front airflow was restricted, we never found the issue to be a dealbreaker, after all, every case has better airflow when we take the front off and let air flow uninterrupted. The most significant complaint that we had was that the H500P simply shouldn’t have been called a “HAF inspired” chassis. What they should have done was name the case after the Cooler Master Storm Trooper, and that probably would have avoided these complaints. 

In recent years, Cooler Master has been taking their criticisms to heart, which in the case of the H500P forces a redesign of the chassis, creating a new H500P Mesh variant, one where the front window of the enclosure is replaced by mesh, allowing the surface to be used for additional airflow. 


Cooler Master announces their MasterCase H500P Mesh White Chassis


Alongside this new Mesh variant, Cooler Master has created a new white version of the chassis, offering a new take on the design which looks cleaner and provides a lot of room for visually striking RGB elements.