Corsair SPEC Omega Case Review

Corsair SPEC-Omega Case Review

HDD/SSD support and water cooling support

On the topic of HDD/SSD support, we can see that the Spec-Omega will have most users covered, offering twin 3.5/2.5-inch drive bays and three standalone 2.5-inch drive bays. All of these storage mounts are tool-less, though 2.5-inch drives within the 3.5-inch drive cage will require screws, but who uses more than three 2.5-inch SSDs anyway? 

The dual 3.5-inch drive bays are removable, allowing this chassis to mount a thicker 280mm or 360mm radiators in the front of the enclosure, though those using large radiators will need to make sure that they have enough clearance for their chosen GPUs.    


Corsair SPEC-Omega Case Review  

 In the front of the chassis, there is space for up to two 140mm fans or three 120mm fans, allowing users to fit Corsair’s latest H115i Pro and H150i 360mm AIO coolers with ease. A 240mm radiator is also usable at the top of the case, though users will need to make sure that they use low profile memory and a motherboard that has low VRM heatsinks. 

A 120mm radiator is also usable at the back of the chassis, though we would typically avoid using such small radiators to avoid hose clutter and the fact that it draws attention away from the user’s motherboard. 


Corsair SPEC-Omega Case Review  

Some users will be annoyed at how “restricted” the front of this chassis is, claiming that the small vent at the base of the SPEC-Omega’s front panel is not enough to feed this case with the airflow it requires. First, the airflow is supplied from both the front and top of the enclosure and second Corsair has added a lot of thickness to this section of the case to encourage more airflow.   

We tested this our build PC with the front panel of this chassis both on and off, with the change only accounting for a three-degree difference in load temperatures, which is not enough to get overly annoyed about. Any front panel or dust filter will affect airflow, with a three-degree difference being on the low-side considering how “restrictive” some people will claim it is.