Corsair SPEC Omega Case Review

Corsair SPEC-Omega Case Review



Whether or not you like the SPEC-Omega will likely come down to your taste, given the case’s “Gamer” styling and its angular, almost polygonal body. Under the hood, the chassis offers the same core design as the 400C and 460X, both of which are excellent case designs, leaving int eh SPEC-Omega in a strange state of deja-vu from a reviewers perspective.

As we have said earlier in this view Corsair, have created this chassis with an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it attitude”, the company were onto a winner with their 400C, and now they are reworking the chassis to suit almost any desired aesthetic. This reuse of the 400C’s design isn’t a bad move from Corsair, but it does limit how much impact the chassis can have. 

Corsair did implement some useful design changes in the SPEC-Omega, complimenting the enclosure’s gamer looks with Allen bolts to mount the side panel window, making it a little more difficult to remove at LAN parties, at least when compared to the thumb screws on the 460X. Some will see the need for Allen keys a downside, but I honestly think that they do help compliment the SPEC-Omega’s already sleek aesthetic, which is something that will clash with the more blocky thumb screws used on the 460X.

The SPEC-Omega offers most of the same advantages and disadvantages as the 400C and the 460X, creating a chassis that will live and die based on its aesthetic, which will be regarded as modern gamer by some and tasteless to others depending on your preference. 

With a price point of £99, there is not much to argue about here, though the loss of the PSU shroud from the 400C and 460X will undoubtedly be an annoyance for some, although its a bonus for us!

When it comes to awards the SPEC-Omega it is hard not to look at the chassis with the same excited eyes that we viewed the 400C and 460X, this is pretty much the same case again with a new external aesthetic. The SPEC-Omega was a safe chassis from Corsair, delivering what can be best described as a new body kit for an already proven design. 

Given its divisive aesthetic, we have decided to give the Spec-Omega the OC3D Approved Award. It is a lovely chassis to work with and offers a great internal layout, if you liked the previous Spec design but wanted slightly higher spec internals then this could be the perfect case for you.         

Corsair SPEC-Omega Case Review  

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