Lian Li SUP-01 PC Case Review

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A crazy new design with unique characteristics

Honestly, the Lian Li SUP-01 is a case that you will either love or hate at first glance. It’s an unusual case design, and that’s the point. If you are looking for a standard PC case design you will need to look elsewhere. This case is for users who want something different. Furthermore, it’s also for users who are willing to sacrifice having a full set of full-sized PCIe slots.

It can’t be denied that this case design will limit the capabilities of your system. If you need a lot of full-height PCIe components, this case simply won’t work for you. The non-standard nature of this case will limit the size of the hardware that you can install in your system. Even so, its unique design has its benefits.

With support for back-connect motherboards, this PC case can be used to create incredibly clean looking systems. Furthermore, its support for two 360mm radiators make it a liquid cooler’s dream. This case also has a lot of modding potential. Perhaps users can customise this case’s GPU mount to sit at a 45-degree angle and replace this case’s front panel with acrylic or glass for a “wrap around” glass effect. Note that this style of mod would have its airflow consequences, making it only suitable for those who plan to liquid cool their GPU. Regardless, this is an option that modders could exploit.

Being non-standard can be a good thing and a bad thing

There’s a lot of love about this case, but its layout is both a blessing and a curse. If you want to build something that’s outside of the norm, the SUP-01 will present you with a lot of interesting options. Even so, its layout comes with its own downsides and limitations. If you are interested in this case, you will have to weigh up those factors.

Overall, we like the Lian Li SUP-01. We applaud Lian Li’s outside of the box thinking with this enclosure, and their ability to look outside of the established norms of PC case design. While there are things that we think could be improved, this case is more than deserving of OC3D’s Innovation Award. This is by no means a perfect case, but its unique design and layout opens the door to unique system-building possibilities, and we love that.

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