Lian Li SUP-01 PC Case Review

Meet the Lian Li SUP-01

Introducing the Lian Li SUP-01

If you have ever built a PC before, you will probably be well aware of what a “standard” case design looks like. We will have full-sized PCIe slots, space for an ATX-sized power supply, and size for an ATX, Micro- ATX, or Mini ITX motherboard. Most PC cases have a standard layout and the reason behind that is simply because it works. That said, things would get a little bit boring if manufacturers didn’t change things up every so often.

The Lian Li SUP-01 is a non-standard PC case design that features a front-facing GPU mount, a 3-chambered design, and a unique airflow pattern. This case is designed with cooling performance in mind, and has a lot of space for liquid cooling despite is small overall size.

This is a case for users who do not want a “standard” system. Users will need to consider their system’s airflow and cooling carefully, and make sure their their components are compatible with this case. After all, this is a non-standard PC case.

Lian Li SUP-01 Pricing

At retailers, the SUP-01 will be available with a US price of $149.99. Sadly, we were not provided with a UK or European price for this case ahead of launch. For this price, users will get the case, its custom PCIe riser card/cable, and three pre-installed 120mm fans. The case is available in Black and White, with both models launching with the same pricing.

Lian Li SUP-01 Specifications

Out of the box, the SUP-01 measures in at 404mm x 212mm x 534mm (DxWxH). The case has a CPU cooler clearance height of 88mm, which is too small for tower-style air coolers. This case is made with all-in-one and custom liquid cooling solutions in mind. It is also designed to be used with standard ATX and ATX- back-connect motherboards (like MSI Project Zero or ASUS BTF).

GPU-wise, this system supports graphics cards that are up to 400mm long and 4-slots wide. PSU-wise, this case is designed for ATX PSUs that are under 220mm long. For more details, look at the chart below.

LED Lighting

In total, this case has 47 addressable RGB LEDs. These LEDs are split t between the strips at the front and side of the SUP-01 and the case’s PCIe riser card. Users can control these LEDs through their motherboards, or using the case’ included RGB controller and buttons.

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