Thermalright HR-07 Trio Heatpipe Coolers

Ask any enthusiast worth his salt which manufacturer makes the best air coolers and more often than not, the company that gets the honours is Thermalright. The all conquering Thermalright Ultra Extreme CPU air cooler was widely accepted to be the best CPU cooler for the s775 based motherboards. Along with the TRUE, Thermalright expanded on the successful design with chipset and MOSFET heatsinks. They also made memory heatsinks which worked perfectly for those using two slots.
Problems however were encountered with using the same heatsinks for the latest Intel chipset because the new design heralded the advent of 6 memory slots, all packed closely together meaning the old Thermalright design could not be used successfully with all six ram slots populated. Never ones to stand still, Thermalright have just released the HR-07 Trio pack which consists of either Type H (high) or Type L (low) heatsinks to combat i7 fitment. Should you wish to cool all six modules together then you now can with the latest kits. 
Here’s what Thermalright had to say about their latest cooling product:
– You won’t have to worry about space. Easy installation, no tools needed, able to install 6 DIMMs, high cooling performance and extends life expectancy of your memory module. What more could you ask for?
– Double heatpipes to double heatsinks for fast and efficient cooling
– Proprietary through holes on every fin for efficient ventilation in passive mode
– Vast compatibility across multiple types of memories
– No tools needed for an easy installation keeping manufacturer’s warranty in tact without voiding it
– Supports triple-channel Mode. Option to install on all four memory slots
– Warranty in tact without voiding it
The following specifications were taken directly from the Thermalright product page:
HR-07 TRIO TYPE H Technical Spec
* Dimension : L128 x W19 x H85.28mm ( High Version)
* Weight :85g ( High Version)

HR-07 TRIO TYPE L Technical Spec

* Dimension : L128 x W19 x H56.28mm (Short Version)
* Weight :80g (Short Version)
Memory module Compatibilities
* DDR1/ DDR2 / DDR3 (only support duble sided memory module)
*without ECC&FB-Dimm memory

Let’s take a look at the packaging and presentation of the HR-07 Type H and Type L memory coolers…