MSI MEG Z490 Ace Preview

MSI MEG Z490 Ace Preview


Blimey there have been a lot of Z490 motherboards accompanying the upcoming Intel launch. Normally we have a handful available, but this is the tenth motherboard we have on hand.

Maybe the manufacturers have been champing at the bit to update their Z390 range, or maybe the things they leaned from the 570 suite got their designers interested. We think it’s probably a combination of those two things allied to the fact that, because nobody is allowed out, designers have been stretching their creative muscles whilst working from home.

So far we’ve looked at two MSI motherboards, the flagship MEG Godlike and the MPG Gaming Carbon WiFi. Sitting between those two Z490 motherboards is the MEG Ace, a motherboard which comes with an awful lot of the features of the Godlike but with a slight reining in of the bells and whistles to bring it to market at a more affordable price point. Well, affordable for the majority of us.

Let’s take a tour of the MEG Ace and see what it brings to the Z490 party.

Technical Specifications

As always we’ll take you through the key features as we go through our pictures, but should you want to spoil yourself in advance, the specifications are available for your perusal here.

MSI MEG Z490 Ace Preview