ASUS EN9800GT 512mb PCI-E

Crysis is without doubt one of the most visually stunning and hardware-challenging games to date. By using CrysisBench – a tool developed independently of Crysis – we performed a total of 5 timedemo benchmarks using a GPU-intensive pre-recorded demo. To ensure the most accurate results, the highest and lowest benchmark scores were then removed and an average calculated from the remaining three.
BioShock is a recent FPS shooter by 2K games. Based on the UT3 engine, it has a large amount of advanced DirectX techniques including excellent water rendering and superb lighting and smoke techniques. All results were recorded using F.R.A.P.S with a total of 5 identical runs through the same area of the game. The highest and lowest results were then removed, with an average being calculated from the remaining 3 results.
Results Conclusions
The results again show that not only is the HD4850 the faster card, but it is also the better buy – giving better cost per frame than its NVidia counterpart. Crysis specifically was a weak showing for the 9800GT and although we did use high settings, 23fps would simply be unplayable at that setting. I dread to think of the outcome should we have added AA at the higher resolution.