Phobya LED-Flexlight

Phobya LED-Flexlight



The flexlight strip is backed with a self ahesive 3m tape, so fitting is just a matter of peeling of the strip and sticking it to the interior of the case, or wherever else you want to stick it.  Eh?  What?  What do you mean wherever else I want to stick it?  surely it’s got to go on the inside of the case…………………………

Ok, this is as far as I got with the review before our chat.  before I detail the issues I had with this bit of kit please bear in mind that I really liked the end result, i.e. the in case effect was really impressive.  However I’m having trouble balancing that against more than a few quality issues.

when I opened the packaging of all 4 strings, the items inside were dirty, as if the LED string had been sitting on a dusty shelf for a while.  In handling it my hands became grubby from it.

The adhesive backing is actually peeling away from the string at the ends and in peeling of the protective tape it tends to pull the whole adhesive unit off the string.

On the green unit, several clumps of the LEDS did not function or only glowed very slightly (seen on the image above where i’ve tried to cover them over with the blue.  this was only after simply taking them out of the packaging.  If I squeezed the sides of the non functioning LEDs they would light until I relaxed my grip.  The Blue ones also failed for a while but seemed to start working again after a good squeeze.

The heatshink used on the braiding does not appear to be the right size or has not actually been heated as it does not grip the braiding resulting in the braiding popping out from underneath and fraying.

Finally, these things get hot, not just warm, but hot enough so that if anyone was considering in case temps they would need to know these LEDs would be taking them the wrong way.

I guess what i’m saying is that if I were a consumer I would not be at all pleased with the quality and as a reviewer I find it hard to give these products anything but an honest review, which would of course include the positive points related to the in case effect.