Enermax D.F. 12 Revolution 850W White PSU Review

Up Close with the Enermax D.F. 12 Revolution 850W

Up close with the Enermax Revolution DF 12 850W

Enermax’s latest PSUs all come wrapped in fabric bags, giving their units a premium feel. There are separate bags for the power supply itself, and its included cables. These bags are great for storing cables for future use, and for repackaging the power supply if you decide to give it away or sell it later down the line.

At the rear of the Revolution DF 12 850W is a “D.F. Switch”, which allows users of this PSU to make use of Enermax’s patented “Dust-Free Rotation” (D.F.R.) technology. This makes this PSU’s blades spin in reverse for a short time to help minimise dust accumulation. This PSU’s fans will not spin under 50% loading. This means that this 850W model will only have its fans spin when over 425 watts are drawn from the unit.

Enermax Revolution DF 12 Inputs and Cables

Below we can see the main power terminals on the Revolution DR 12 850W. We have one 12V-2×6 connector, multiple PCIe/CPU power outputs, and two SATA or 4-pin Molex power outputs.

When looking at the cables for this power supply, we kept thinking that “this feels very ASUS”. To us, it looks like Enermax is using the same cable supplier as ASUS are for their ROG Thor series of PSUs. All cables are white, individually sleeved and perfectly match each other. You’d be surprised how many PSU makers have non-matching PSU cables, especially when it comes to 12VHPWR or 12V-2×6 power cables.

Below we have a white 600W rated 12V-2×6 cable. As mentioned above, the cable’s main power pins are sleeved, but its four sense pins use a ribbon style cable. It is a shame that these cables can’t be made to match the others, as the do ruin the look of the cable overall. That said, this is a minor gripe, and replacing a 12V-2×6 cable isn’t an overly expensive thing if it bothers you.

Cable Management

Supplied with this PSU is a kit of 27 PSU cable combs. Owners of this PSU can use these combs to tidy up the cables inside their systems. If you want a neat looking system, a kit like this in invaluable. Thank you Enermax for including this!

Alongside cable combs, this PSU also comes with a PSU jumper, which is useful when you need this PSU to deliver power when it isn’t connected to a PC. This is a useful component when you need to power liquid cooling pumps of other components. Again, this is a good add-on, and a clear sign that Enermax wanted to give users everything they need. You won’t need a paper clip to jump this PSU!

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