OCZ Fatal1ty 700w ATX PSU

Packaging & Appearance

As we’ve come to expect from OCZ products, the Fatal1ty 700w is presented in a cardboard box printed edge-to-edge with information. The front of the box outlines some of the general specifications such as Active PFC, Ultra Efficiency and Superior Cooling, while the back and sides break down the specifications into much greater detail. Several images of the PSU in action are also printed on all sides of the box.

OCZ Fatal1ty Box Front OCZ Fatal1ty Box Side

OCZ Fatal1ty Box Back OCZ Fatal1ty Box Side

Opening up the box, we are presented with the Fatal1ty unit sandwiched between two cardboard-backed styrofoam inserts that keep the PSU centred in the box while also protecting it on the top and bottom (but not sides) from courier damage. The unit has also been placed inside a plastic bag to help avoid any scuffs or scratches.

Included in the box are only the bare essentials to get you up and running: case screws, mains lead, manual and a couple of cable ties. The manual itself is quite basic and doesn’t get much more technical than how to install the PSU, but it does seem to cover a wide range of languages.

OCZ Fatal1ty 700w Box Open OCZ Fatal1ty Box Contents

Although not quite as spectacular as the gunmetal finish found on some of OCZ’s other PSU’s, the Fatal1ty just about manages to separate itself from the slew of plain black box PSU’s on the market with a slightly metallic black/grey finish. Granted, you’ll probably not notice the difference once the Fatal1ty is installed inside your PC case, but it gives me something to write a couple of paragraphs about never less.

At the rear of the unit is the familiar mesh grill seen on almost all modern PSU’s that use 120mm+ fans for cooling, along with the usual kettle lead-style mains connector, a small power switch and an LED status light that glows red when the PSU is off (or there is a problem) and green when it is on…just in case you had no other way of telling.

OCZ Fatal1ty 700w Top OCZ Fatal1ty 700w Front

The underside of the Fatal1ty houses the aforementioned 120mm fan, which as we’ve already seen from the product images on the packaging, glows red. At the side of the unit, OCZ have attempted to spruce things up a bit by laser cutting the Fatal1ty logo into the casing and securing an LED-lit sheet of red plexiglas behind. I have to admit this does look rather tasty in a darkened room.

OCZ Fatal1ty PSU Bottom OCZ Fatal1ty 700w Side
OCZ Fatal1ty Logo OCZ Fatal1ty 700w Logo
Before you even say anything…No I didn’t test the PSU with the fan facing downwards onto the table like this. I just knew someone would moan if the logo was upside down. 

Now let’s check out the internals…