OCZ Fatal1ty 700w ATX PSU


Starting with what matters the most, performance, the OCZ Fatal1ty 700w scores some pretty good marks. In the room temperature tests, efficiency levels at medium/high loads sat at around 85% and only waivered from this under low load levels or when a heavy crossload was applied to the +3.3v and +5v rails. Voltage regulation was also reasonable, with no rails falling outside of spec no matter what kind of wonky crossload we threw at the unit.

Hot box testing at 50°C also failed to faze the Fatal1ty (try saying that fast!), and the unit continued to deliver results almost identical to the room temperature tests. This, combined with the ripple and noise results that stayed under 40mV on the +12v rail and around 15mV on the +3.3v/5.0v rails, indicates that the Fatal1ty isn’t all show and no go like most other blinged out PSU’s we’ve had the misfortune of testing.

Moving on to the subjective matter of physical appearance, it’s obvious that not everyone will appreciate the Fatal1ty logo being projected on to a nearby wall through the windowed side panel of their PC case. However, if your PC is based around a red theme or maybe you’re a member of the Sir Johnathan Wendel fan club, then the Fatal1ty will obviously go a long way to ticking all the right boxes.

The only real beef I’ve got with the unit is probably the lack of PCI-E connectors – 700w should be more than enough to warrant OCZ including 4 of them for SLI/Crossfire configurations, but unfortunately we only got 2. As a sideline remark, the mesh sleeving is also rather poor and does nothing to hide the cables beneath. If the sleeving had been a darker red and more densely weaved, it would have improved the look of the unit significantly.

As many members of the OC3D forums will know (and some even share), the Fatal1ty franchise is actually a pet hate of mine. But in the case of the OCZ Fatal1ty 700w, at least I’m going to swallow my pride and accept that this is one solid unit. Anyone looking to purchase a PSU that combines a little ‘bling’ with some good performance should definitely add it to their short list.

The Good
– Around 85% efficiency at most load levels
– Stable voltages. Around 2-3% droop from light to heavy loads.
– Low noise and ripple results.
– Red lights and Fatal1ty logo (if you dig, baby?)

The Mediocre
– Poor quality sleeving.
– Massive drop in efficiency in +3.3/5.0v crossload tests.

The Bad
– Only two PCI-E connectors. A single +12v rail 700w PSU should easily be able to power Crossfire/SLI.

OC3D Recommended Award

Thanks to OCZ for providing the Fatal1ty 700w for review. Discuss this review in our forums.