Super Flower Leadex VII Gold White 1000W and 1300W PSU Review

Meet the Super Flower Leadex VII 

Meet the Super Flower Leadex Gold series of power supplies

You may not have heard of Super Flower, but all PC builders will likely have encountered their work somewhere. Aside from creating their own power supplies as part of their long-running Leadex series, the company has also acted as the OEM behind many notable brands. For example, Super Flower are the OEM behind EVGA’s Supernova series of PSUs.

It has been a while since we have looked at a power supply from Super Flower, so we were glad to see the company’s new Leadex VII Gold PSUs show up at out offices. Specifically, the company’s White Edition 1000W and 1300W units. Both of these PSUs are 80+ Gold Rated, Cybnetics Platinum Rated, ATX 3.0 certified, and PCIe 5.0 ready.

Looking at the boxes of Super Flower’s power supplies, it is easy to see why we initially thought that these PSUs were both standard black PSU models. It was only when we opened the box that it became clear that we had received white edition models.

As you can see below, the PSU itself is white, and its included cables feature white cables and white connectors. This is a great PSU for white PC builds.

Super Flower’s Leadex VII Gold series has now PSU-side 12VHPWR connector

When looking at the modular cable connection points on both of Super Flower’s new Leadex VII units, it is clear that something is missing. Yes, there is no 12VHPWR connector on the PSU side. This is by design. This PSU’s included 12VHPWR cable only uses the 12VHPWR connector on one end. On the other end, SuperFlower’s cable uses two 8-pin PCIe power terminals.

At the rear of both Leadex VII units, we have an “ECO” switch that users can choose enable or disable. Switching eco mode on will enable this PSU’s zero RPM fan mode at at low power draw levels. This will reduce power usage by eliminating fan power as a factor under low loads. If you would prefer your PSU’s fan to be always on, you can turn eco mode off.

Below is the 12VHPWR cable that is supplied with Super Flower’s new Leadex VII PSUs. As you can see, the white PSU model comes with white cables and white power connectors. All of the whites match well in person, though the camera spots some of the more subtle differences in hue.

One thing that I do not like about Super Flower’s white Leadex VII PSUs is their dark black specifications stickers. While we understand that PSU specification stickers are a legal requirement, we prefer these stickers to be less visible. That said, most users of this PSU will have their units under a case’s PSU shroud or have their PSU sticker hidden against the wall of floor of a PC case. This would make these stickers complete non-issues for users.

Below you can see the full specifications of Super Flower’s new Leadex VII series PSU lineup.

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