PC Specialist Recoil II GTX 1060 Laptop

PC Specialist Recoil II GTX 1060 Laptop


Without fail every time we review a gaming laptop, or perhaps a laptop upon which you can game, someone gets all sniffy in the comments section about how even the finest gaming laptop isn’t a patch on a desktop setup and and and. Yes, we know. This is not new information. You can’t compare desktops to laptops in the same way you can’t compare your phone to a console, or a PS4 to a PSP. They all have different uses, fit different market niches, and generally can only be considered against themselves. In actuality though the modern laptop GPUs aren’t all that different to their desktop counterparts, and whilst the power draw and temperature limits of the laptop format might lead to slightly lower overall performance, anyone who claims that a laptop isn’t as good because of the GPU itself is living in the past.

Phew. Now that is out of the way let’s talk about the PC Specialist Recoil II.

It’s pretty fantastic. One of the things we like the most from the PC Specialist systems we review is their careful component selection. They understand which parts are worth spending the extra on, and which you can get away with a slightly more affordable option. This maximises value in ways that take a lot of attention and show an understanding of the available hardware in a style that is impossible to fathom if you just do the old “buy the best of everything” plan. Laptops of any worthwhile style always come with a relatively high price tag that seem expensive if you’re used to just speccing components for an upgrade, but if you consider how much your case, PSU and display cost – things that those who shake their heads at the relative desktop/laptop price difference always forget – then it all makes a lot more sense.

The PC Specialist Recoil II ticks an awful lot of boxes if you want a good all-rounder that can play most games at good settings. The display is 1080P, perfect for balancing the price and performance of the rest of the setup. 4K screens might seem like a value for money proposition in an advert, but the amount of horsepower necessary to take full advantage of it is ludicrous and on any display that counts as portable it’s a waste of time. The display on the Recoil II has good colour reproduction and uniform brightness. It wont win any awards, but neither is it in any way disappointing. It’s perfectly fine and we’re sure that many of you who have brought cheap desktop displays have worse image quality. The combination of the six core Intel Core i7-8750H and GTX 1060 are backed up by the blazing speeds available from the Intel 760 ensuring that whatever task you ask of the Recoil II it will handle with aplomb. This also emphasises the careful component choice we spoke about earlier. There isn’t a part here that is so good that it is twiddling its thumbs whilst the rest of the system catches up, but neither are there times when you’re waiting around for something to get finished because the CPU is too slow or the storage too lazy. It is all exactly as good as it needs to be to provide a smooth user experience without also jacking the price sky high. 

We spoke at the start about how the PC Specialist Recoil II doesn’t come with the trappings of a brand who increase the price just because they have a reputation to uphold. Instead the whole of your purchase price goes into the components you receive, and with the Recoil II everything from the gorgeous key cap design through the hardware itself to the screen and stealthy chassis speak of a product which would cost significantly more in lesser hands. It is an absolute bargain at £1349 as reviewed and wins our OC3D Gamers Choice award.

Price as reviewed : £1349

PC Specialist Recoil II GTX 1060 Laptop  

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