Attention all modders! – Cooler Master and Prusa are hosting the ultimate QUBE 500 3D printing design contest

Cooler Master goes all-in on 3D printable case mods with Prusa Research

Cooler Master has joined forces with Prusa Research to kickstart their QUBE 500 modding revolution. Our review for the Cooler Master QUBE 500 mentioned the case’s 3D printing support. To say the least, Cooler Master were not lying when they talked about this. Cooler Master has even released a detailed design guide for QUBE 500 accessories.

Over on Printables, Prusa’s 3D printable model repository, a Cooler Master PC Case Accessories contest has started. Creatives can flex their mind muscles to create awesome 3D printed accessories for Cooler Master’s newest PC case.

Prizes for this contest include a kit for Prusa’s MK4 3D Printer, free Cooler Master QUBE 500 cases, Cooler Master GEM accessories, and “Prusameters”. Printables users can exchange Prusameters for 3D printer filament or other rewards.

To celebrate the launch of our new Qube 500 flat-packed PC case, we at Cooler Master are teaming up with the 3D printing masters at Prusa to hold a design contest. The Qube 500 is designed for the DIY enthusiast from the ground up. It features an all-over modular hole pattern ready to support 3D-printed accessories. And its flatpack nature means you start building the moment you unbox it. To start designing, download the design guide, the STEP file of the entire case or the the template models.

Cooler Master have released detailed design files for their entire QUBE 500 chassis

To support entrants for their modding contest, Cooler Master has released a design guide for QUBE 500 case accessories. This includes a STEP file for Cooler Master’s QUBE 500 case. Designers can use this file to create complex accessories that can be fitted inside or outside of the case. You don’t need to own a QUBE 500 to take part in this design contest.

At the time of writing, there are already over 50 entrants to this design competition. Modders have until October 16th to submit their designs. Competition winners will be chosen based on several metrics. These criteria include printability, originality, and popularity. Every Printables user can upload up to five designs for this contest.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the Printables community creates for Cooler Master’s QUBE 500. Maybe we will print a few of our favourites when the competition closes next month. Would you like to see a 3D printing accessories follow-up for Cooler Master’s QUBE 500?

You can join the discussion on Prusa and Cooler Master’s QUBE 500 3D printing design contest on the OC3D Forums.

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