Be Quiet launches their hyper versatile Dark Base PRO 901 Chassis

Be Quiet launches their hyper versatile Dark Base PRO 901 Chassis

be quiet’s new Dark BASE PRO 901 case is amazingly flexible

Be quiet! has officially revealed their DARK BASE PRO 901 PC chassis, and with it the company are delivering an enclosure that is outstandingly flexible in its design, allowing users to customise it to suit their specific needs with ease.

For starters, users of the DARK BASE PRO 901 will be able to re-orient the chassis to give the case an inverted design, effectively making the DARK BASE PRO two case designs in one. Users of this case will also be able to utilise 5.25-inch drives when required, making this enclosure ideal for users who still utilise disk-based media. Additionally, many of this case’s panels can be swapped out to give the 901 an airflow-focus or a silence-focus, depending on the needs of the case’s user. This case has so many options, there won’t be many users who will have this chassis oriented in the same way.

At the front of the DRK BASE PRO 901, be quiet! has given users enough space for up to three 140mm fans, with the front of the case supporting ultra-large 420mm (3x140mm) liquid cooling radiators. Using this many 140mm fans will remove this case’s ability to support a 5.25-inch drive, though three 120mm fans and 360mm radiators can be used alongside a 5.25 drive.

To prevent GPU-sag, be quiet has bundled their new DARK BASE 901 with a GPU support that allows users to easily hide their GPU power cables and support their large/heavy graphics cards. This support can be used both in the DARK BASE PRO 901’s standard and inverted case configurations.

Unlike most modern PC cases, be quiet’s latest premium chassis is shipping with a built-in 15W wireless Qi charger, which can deliver up to 15 watts of power to devices like compatible smartphones or wireless mice for fast charging. We have not seen this in a PC case before, but it is a welcome addition for those who will use it.

With an asking price of £319.99, the DARK BASE PRO 901 is an expensive enclosure, but it is a large enclosure that is well designed and feature rich. It is hard not to be impressed with what be quiet had delivered here. Below is what be quiet has to say about their new DARK BASE PRO 901 PC case.

Press Release – be quiet! Dark Base Pro 901: Outstanding versatility, performance and silence

be quiet!, the German manufacturer for premium PC components, presents Dark Base Pro 901. This long-anticipated successor to Dark Base Pro 900 is once again an absolute high-end case with groundbreaking features. Whether you prefer a virtually inaudible or an extremely performant case, Dark Base Pro 901 is the perfect choice. Smart design decisions when it comes to the top and front of the case lead to an outstanding flexibility and versatility. Building a system using an inverted layout is a breeze with Dark Base Pro 901, while ARGB lighting and vertical VGA installation ensure an ideal presentation of your build. To top it off, the upgraded 15W wireless charger charges your smartphone faster than ever before. Alongside Dark Base Pro 901, be quiet! also introduces its own Riser Cable and the new HDD Cage 2.

Be Quiet launches their hyper versatile Dark Base PRO 901 Chassis

Dark Base Pro 901 features a silence-oriented and performance-optimized solution for the top and the front, thanks to exchangable panels included in the box. A detachable top and front bracket with included fan hub and pogo pin connector allows for a comfortable installation of radiators and fans. Even an inverted layout can be done easily thanks to an intuitive rail system. Dark Base Pro 901 makes good use of be quiet!’s award-winning Silent Wings 4 fans: thanks to their silence-optimized fan blades and funnel shaped fan frame, these fans make no compromises between virtually inaudible operation and high performance. Their extraordinary air pressure significantly increases the cooling performance of Dark Base Pro 901.

Be Quiet launches their hyper versatile Dark Base PRO 901 Chassis

Maximum space for individual needs

With its remarkably large dimensions, Dark Base Pro 901 sets no limits on creativity. The front can fit a radiator of up to 420 mm and additional fans can be installed throughout the case, even on the side panel. The VGA holder of Dark Base Pro 901 is very versatile and prevents GPU sag even with heavy graphics cards. Two cable bars, one located inside the VGA holder and the other next to the motherboard tray, hide the cables inside the case. Dark Base Pro 901 supports installation of one 5.25″ drive and two HDDs or six SSDs out of the box, with the option to expand this with 5x HDD or 10x SSD. The high-quality, fully-windowed tempered glass side panel offers a perfect view of the components inside your case. And just as important: Dark Base Pro 901 can be deployed without the hassle of additional screws and small parts, creating the optimal case for any build.

Be Quiet launches their hyper versatile Dark Base PRO 901 Chassis

Subtle ARGB lighting and modern design touches

Dark Base Pro 901 features ARGB lighting on the front and the PSU shroud to ensure the case remains elegant with subtle illumination. The light and fan settings can be conveniently controlled via touch-sensitive buttons on the I/O panel. A wireless charger for Qi enabled devices and a full 3-year manufacturer’s warranty perfectly rounds up Dark Base Pro 901.

Be Quiet launches their hyper versatile Dark Base PRO 901 Chassis

Now available: Riser Cable and HDD Cage 2

Alongside the introduction of Dark Base Pro 901, be quiet! also introduces two accessories that can be used with this and selected other cases in its product portfolio. The Riser Cable is a high-speed data transfer cable for PCIe 4.0 cards, compatible with all be quiet! cases that support vertical installation of the graphics card. It has an elegant all-black design and prevents sagging of the graphics card. Also new is the HDD Cage 2, a tool-free decoupled drive cage that fits one additional HDD or two SSDs in Dark Base Pro 901 and future cases.

Dark Base Pro 901 is available from June 27 at a recommended retail price of €319.90 / $299.90 / £319.99. The Riser Cable and HDD Cage 2 are available on the same day for €59.90 / $54.90 / £59.99 and €9.90 / $9.90 / £9.99 respectively.

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